What software can I use to create a webpage? PDF Print E-mail
Written by EJC Solutions   
Friday, 27 January 2006

Websites are usually coded in HTML language.  This is the most basic form of websites.  Coding HTML is considered static because whatever you type is always presented and does not change.  New languages have come up like PHP which allow more flexibility and reuse of pages, but also involves more skills and programming. 

To stick with simple HTML coding, you can use a free open source software called NVU.  It allows you to work in HTML as if it was a Word document.  It can manage a site and even be setup to transfer your files up to the server via FTP.  NVU also can handle limited PHP coding, but it acts only as a text editor.  A link to NVU can be found in the link section under PC Software.

For website files with more ability and out of the box software, you can use Fantastico suite of software on the server and find a variety of already coded software.  For instance if you would like a blog, then their is blog software already coded and ready to go.  Just click and install a copy.  This site is using a Content Management System software called Joomla.  If you would like a Photo Gallery, there is a free software called Gallery that takes all the work out of coding, but can eat up all your space quick.   

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