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Written by EJC Solutions   
Thursday, 16 February 2006

Users of your website will enter the main URL only on most occasions. (  If you used fantastico to install software, site builders, or even custom written HTML pages you can setup a redirect so people get directed to that from the main URL.


For this example we are going to assume you installed a fantastico software to a folder named "site".  The url to see this is  To redirect all users to that page:

1. Login to the control panel (

2. Under Site Management Tools, choose "Manage Redirects".  The first field is the URL you want to redirect users from.  Leave it as is to redirect the first page of the site ( / ).  

3. For the http:// URL, fill in the url for the actual site.  In this case it is

4. Choose Permanent for the dropdown box.  

5. Save the change and now uses should be redirected from to

NOTE:  Web servers do not like spaces.  Avoid using spaces.  


You can also redirect a path like to a URL of your choosing by filling in "/family" for step 2 above.  This is helpful if you install some software or other type of site that you can;t remember the full URL to, but want a quick and wasy name to remember. 

You can even redirect people from your site to other URLs.  If you use blogger or myspace, you can redirect to  The same can be done for yahoo photo albums or shutterfly photo albums.  It is useful to have everyone remember one domain name and redirect them to the proper location.


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